Coud Van Giruet (クード・ヴァン・ジルエット, Kūdo Van Jiruetto?), better known as Coud (クー, ?), is

Coud Van Giruet

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Coud Van Giruet

Coud Van Giruet

main protagonist of the story. He is a fifteen year old member of the Red Lynx sky pirates who is not allowed to come on raids because he has difficulty flying a plane. He aspires to become the new captain of the pirates, and continue to become one of the greatest known Sky Pirates. Cou was homeless until the age of five when he was found by the boss of the Red Lynx who he since looked up to like father. He takes what boss tells him seriously which is why he feels protecting Ren is so important. Since the Red Lynx sky pirates is a male only ship, Cou never had the chance to interact with females until he met Ren. As a result, he is very shy around her especially when he and Ren are alone together. He likes and loves Ren. Cou finds Reverie Metherlence sleeping in a coffin-like box that was picked up as loot in a raid. He falls in love with her and vows to protect her on her journey to Edel Garden. Ren sees his sincere thoughts and actions and reacts with him so they could protect each other instead of only Cou protecting her. As the story progresses, Cou soon realizes that he is unable to fight efficiently with Ren because he drains too much of her power in every attack. He becomes a formidable fighter after he is taught what an Edel Raid is and what they are capable of doing. Cou's only weapon is a sickle-like tool attached to a long flexible wire called Angel (pronounced "angle") because it's shaped and detachable from the rope like a fish hook. He uses it as a weapon when he is not reacted with Ren or as a means to stop him from falling.It is also hinted that Cou is able to live as long as a Edel Raid because he was killed by the three Edel Raids who wanted to make Ren their new queen, but he was brought back to life when the previous queen of Edel Garden, Eve, gave her life to him so he could be together with Ren. When he fights with Ren, the weapon is an elegant giant sword. Its elemental power is the wind which can be used offensively and in defense. The appearence differs between the anime and manga.